INTERVIEW «Photographers»
Entering Marcela Paniak's visual universe is something of an extraordinary journey. This young Polish photographer skillfully uses “intermediality” and plays with photography as an artifact or a materialized souvenir. Memory and its process are at the center of her work, suitable for introspection. What is drawn out of it is a moving innocence, an overwhelming and almost unreal feeling of nostalgia
INTERVIEW «Photographers»
Irish photographer Jason Higgins readjusts our concept of landscape photography in his series "Black Lung". Higgins takes us on a tour, of sorts, to the mining town of Castlecomer. But this isn't a documentary in the classic sense - head shots and scenes of the town wouldn't fit in here. Rather, Higgins underlines the lasting marks of mining by tailor fitting our vantage point in his images of the mined land and the miners themselves. Created during Higgins' studies in the MFA - Photography program at the University of Ulster, this photo series attempts to explore the seen and unseen via abstraction, texture, and traces.
In the digital age, along with Photoshop’s prowess, “A Beautiful Body Project For Media" is an indispensable photographic project. We need to see images that highlight the scars of time. These touching images, predominately black and white, modestly deal with what remains from moments that mark a life: stretch marks, love handles, bulges of fat, or sagging breasts. Jade Beall knows how to underline a rather taboo aspect about pregnancy, that of the profoundly modified body, and touches upon the stigmas of this passage so deeply affecting for a mother.
INTERVIEW «Photography exhibits»
Shortly following the opening of the photography exhibit “Yousuf Karsh: Icons of the XXth Century,” in Paris, its curator Jerry Fielder, sat down with us to discuss this famous portrait photographer and this new exhibit. Fielder has worked in connection to Karsh and his photography for over 35 years, and has curated exhibits world-wide....
INTERVIEW «Photographers»
I first met Acey thanks to my own photo exhibit: he was picking up his prints at the photo lab across the street. This impressive photographer was introduced to me and I saw his extraordinary project. Acey is an incredibly sensitive and particularly humble man. He doesn't sell you his project, he lets you appreciate it in peace....